Ebco steel trash racks are installed at the inlets of the diversion channel of hydropower stations and the inlets and tailgates of pumped-storage power stations. They are designed to block the solid debris carried by the water flow and do not enter the diversion channel to ensure that the gate and turbine equipment are not damaged, and the normal operation of the equipment is ensured.

The trash rack can be arranged in a straight line or a semicircular line on the plane and can be erected or inclined on the vertical plane, depending on the nature, the amount of dirt, the user requirements, and the cleaning method. The inlets of high-head dam-type hydropower stations are generally upright semi-circular, and the inlet gates, hydraulic tunnels, and water pipelines are mostly straight lines.

Short Description:

Entrance width: 2m-8.5m

Installation angle: 60°-90°

Center distance of trash rack: 20mm-200mm

Working width of tooth bar: 1.7m-8.2m

Vertical installation height: 3m-20m


Trash Racks