Ebco Mining is a worldwide supplier of Mill Feed Chute to the grinding systems industry. Our unique combination of practical experience, technical know-how, and advanced design tools has positioned us as leaders in the field. We have manufactured for all the major OEM’s and supplied equivalent to OEM directly to the industry.

Our reverse engineering involves the modifications that drastically reduce maintenance times to metallurgy that extends the mill feed cutes. After scanning, CAD models are developed, and Computer-assisted analyses are used to determine the most effective design to withstand the demands of the mining operation.

Ebco’s manufacturing mill feed chute is robust and easy to maintain yet sufficiently flexible to incorporate specific customer requirements.

Our goal is to fix the common issues that our customers often face, including replacing chute liners, uneven wear out in liners, un-optimized spout shape, ineffective spout sealing, chute leakage, and so much more.

All of Ebco’s premium components meet, or more often exceed, OEM performance, quality, and safety standards.


    • PROPEL SYSTEMS: Crawler assembly, Final Drive, Transmission
    • SWING SYSTEM: Roller Circle, Transmission, Center Pin, Shafting
    • CROWD SYSTEM: Dipper Stick/Handle, Transmission, Shipper Shaft, Saddle Block
    • HOIST SYSTEM: Transmission, Hoist Drums, Boom Point, Assembly
    • ATTACHMENTS & STRUCTURES: Carbody, Gantry, Boom, Revolving Frame
    • DIPPER: Hydraulic Snubbers, Bail, Pins, and Brushing Kits


    • Undercarriages, Cylinders, Buckets, Bucket Pins, and Brushing Kits


    Mill Feed Chutes