Fabrication Capabilities

Ebco’s Heavy Fabrication division has a well-earned reputation for its ability to produce large scale manufacturing services to primary and secondary industries.

Our experience encompasses large scale fabrications varying from five hundred pounds to over one hundred and fifty tons.

We excel in meeting a wide variety of customer requirements when manufacturing custom and prototype equipment, as well as repairing and refurbishing existing equipment.


Welding Processes & Materials

Thanks to our team of skilled professionals and our array of fabrication equipment, we are able to weld in a number of different materials and utilize the best welding processes.


Welding Certifications & Qualifications

High quality performance is maintained at every stage of fabrication. The division’s Quality Assurance system meets or exceeds the accreditations listed and assures that every project that Ebco undertakes is completed to the highest standard.


Sandblasting & Painting

Ebco’s services capture every aspect of your project and see it through to completion. With the ability to both sandblast and paint, cost savings become apparent due to the shrinking of your value chain activities. Ebco gladly can paint the majority of projects that come through our doors. From Kaplan turbines to gate winches, Ebco’s spray booths offer a range of sizes that will get your project to completion. Contact one of our Sales Representatives today to learn more about our sandblasting and painting capabilities.


Stress Relief

Ebco is happy to offer Stress Relieving as an additional service. We have stress relieved numerous projects and can do so to multiple sizes and standards as requested. We meet all regulatory code requirements, and have the proper inspection capabilities in place to ensure the highest quality possible.


Additional Services

MRO, Assembly, Repair & Refurbish

Other Services that Ebco is proud to deliver include Hydrolic and Mechanical Assembly and Repair and Refurbishment of large equipment.

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Facility & Capabilities

Ebco’s capabilities stretch to cover a range of services to offer to our customers. We strive always for precision in our manufacturing and only work with the highest certified standards. With every project, Ebco supplies an experienced team of certified trained metal workers and technicians, and a reliable management team to match. Our goal is always a top quality product with an on time delivery. Click “Learn More” to find out about our capabilities.



Our Customers