Ebco’s services capture every aspect of your project and see it through to completion. With the ability to both sandblast and paint, cost savings become apparent due to the shrinking of your value chain activities. Ebco paints the majority of projects that come through our doors. From Kaplan turbines to gate winches, Ebco’s spray booths offer a range of sizes that will get your project to completion. Contact one of our Sales Representatives today to learn more about our sandblasting and painting capabilities.

Spray Booth 1

11’-6 x 12’ x 8’ High

(3.5m x 3.88m x 2.55m)

Spray Booth 2

14’ x 28’ x 11’ High

(4.27m x 8.5m x 3.4m)

+ 1-ton Monorail (907 kgs)