Ebco Access Hatches offers you access to a full design and engineering team with extensive utility experience in custom street, sidewalk, and secure aluminum hatch development. Our designs meet the most rigorous safety, load, and durability standards, and the eAH team will walk you through design, prototyping, testing, certification, and final volume manufacturing.

Regardless of how unique your requirement may be, the Ebco Access Hatches team will deliver the right product for any application.

***JackPot Digital has been revolutionizing the casino industry in recent years with its electronic poker tables. These tables allow for up to 10 players to play poker without having to share cards with other players or the dealer, allowing players to minimize the sharing of germs while enjoying the latest in casino technology. Casino owners benefit from using these tables as well as they are able to provide a safer environment while reducing their costs and collecting more data. The tables are heavily featured on cruise ships and in casinos around the world. 

Ebco has been and continues to be the manufacturer of the table bases for these digital poker tables. The table base is constructed mostly of sheet metal and it houses the complex computer system which runs the touchscreen on top. The touchscreen is very heavy on its own, but with up to ten players leaning on the table, the base needs to be very robust and stable so that it can support the wear and tear of the table’s everyday use. Ebco enjoys working with innovative companies that sell unique products like JackPot Digital, and we will continue to provide our workmanship to companies that need long-lasting, high-quality manufacturing of sheet metal components.