Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Ebco is happy to offer Stress Relieving as an additional service. We have stress relieved numerous projects and can do so to multiple sizes and standards as requested. We meet all regulatory code requirements, and have the proper inspection capabilities in place to ensure the highest quality possible.

Stress Relieved Pipes

Various In-House Stress Relieving Options (up to 1200° F/649°C):
19 ft wide x 16 ft high x 50 ft long
19 ft wide x 16 ft high x 36 ft long
19 ft wide x 16 ft high x 14 ft long


Independent Temperature Readings
Ability to extend Height (up to 5 ft) for Taller Products
50 Ton Yard Lifting Capacity to Load Furnaces

Examples of Stress Relieving Projects:

Pressure Vessels for Petrochemicals
Castings for the Nuclear Industry
Piping for Oil & Gas, Hydro & Nuclear
Ball Mill Shells for the Mining Industry

Stress Relieving to meet Regulatory Code Requirements:

ASME B31.3
AWS D1.1
CWB CSA W47.1 & 47.2


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