Ebco Industries Founded in 1956

Ebco Founders

01 Jul Ebco Industries Founded in 1956

With tool and die making experience in Germany, Helmut and Hugo were driven toward succeeding in the industrial sector of British Columbia. With twin determination, and the partnership of a friend, Stefan Burger, Ebco Industries Ltd. was incorporated in 1956. What started as a small fab shop in Vancouver’s downtown, eventually evolved into a robust group of companies that, at a point, encompassed over 20 subsidiaries.
Over the years the twins have been recognized for incredible achievements thanks to their innovations, ingenuity, and passion for the industry. They have received honorary degrees from SFU for their business efforts, as well as receiving the BC Business Entrepreneurs of the Year award in 1990. Their efforts to establish a company with such deeply embedded community roots, and an emphasis on cultural diversity in the workplace, has made Ebco one of the leading manufacturers for OEM equipment & repairs, in North America.

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