World’s Largest Cyclotron (TRIUMF)


01 Jul World’s Largest Cyclotron (TRIUMF)

In 1974, TRIUMF, Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and accelerator-based science, commissioned Ebco to manufacture the vacuum wall and resonator components that would be used in their new 500 MeV cyclotron project. Once complete, the cyclotron measured eighteen meters in diameter, making it the largest cyclotron in the world. The cyclotron is still running to this day and it’s still the largest in the world. The project sparked a relationship between Ebco and TRIUMF that culminated in a tech trade agreement between the two companies, leading Ebco to create a new organization, Advanced Cyclotron Systems Incorporated (, which focuses on commercial cyclotrons for the production of radioisotopes used in cancer diagnostics and other forms of functional imaging.

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