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6 Jet Pelton Turbine 12-ft-butterfly-valve 2009-(1) machine part Kaplan Turbine Gilkes-Youngs-Creek-7.5-MW Sleeve-Valves 8.5-MW-Francis-Turbine Tapered-Penstock-Transition-Section Accumulator Clamshell-Gate-Valve Refurbishment-of-Francis-Turbine-Head-Cover Runner Runner Inside the Facility Butterfly Gate Valve Valve Knife-Gate-Valve 2009-(2) Machined Part 2009-(3) Machined Parts 2009-(4) Machined Parts Pelton Turbine 2009-(5) The Facility 2009-(8)The Facility Water Turbine Pelton Turbine Inside the Facility pg-francis_turbine Clamshell-Gate-Valve DSCF6088 Machined parts DSCF6096 Inside the Facility Gilkes-1 IMG_8918 Inside the Facility pg-draft_tube_liner pg-gas_turbine_housing1 pg-gas_turbine_housing2 pg-inner_head_cover Roller Gate Picture-012 Inside the Facility Gas-Turbine-Base pg-butterfly_gate_valve_heads Picture-075 Machine Parts


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