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Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

The Oil & Gas Industry is the largest industry in the world, and the largest private sector investor in Canada. Recently, declining extraction grades, and increasing geographic and political challenges have forced the industry to innovate. The recent shale revolution has allowed for vast amounts of previously unattainable resources to be captured by utilizing new techniques, and this has reinvigorated the oil and gas industry in a major way. With an abundance of natural resources in our backyard, some of the largest steel equipment in the world has to be used to extract it. Added time pressures, safety concerns and quality standards make Ebco’s experience and expertise the partner that you need to make your project run smoothly and efficiently.


Mining & Aggregate

Researchers expect the mining and aggregate industry to blossom in 2016-2017, and Ebco is here to manufacture custom equipment that will help your project be a success.  At Ebco Industries, we have made some of the largest mining equipment in the world. We have over 60 years of experience in the mining industry, and can be trusted to handle repair jobs that most companies can’t due to our large facility, extensive experience and high maximum capacities.



Forestry & Pulp and Paper

The paper and pulp industry has always been an economic powerhouse in Canada. As society is pushing for green technology, the pulp and paper industry is following suit and innovating new technologies that can fit this demand. Ebco specializes in making custom equipment, and is here to help you create the exact solution needed for success.



Power Generation

Electricity is one resource that the commercial, governmental and residential sectors all require to flourish. It is expected that within a twenty year period, global electricity needs will increase by twenty-five percent. With global warming becoming an increasingly prominent issue, new techniques are being required from power generation facilities. With current trends favouring renewable energy, new equipment will be required, and old equipment will have to be repaired and refurbished, a task that Ebco is ready to take on.

Hydroelectricity is the most popular type of renewable energy being used today, and it provides about a sixth of the world’s energy.


jet fighters at air show aerospace

Aerospace & Defense

Ebco has a long history of innovation and success in the aerospace and defense industry. We have been a supplier to the aerospace and defense industry for over 40 years. Certified under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program, which is identical to ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations), we have produced some of the most complex and technical hardware for the defense industry as a secure facility. With Canada being considered the most productive country in the world for aerospace & defense manufacturing, and exporting over 80% of all equipment that we manufacture, it is no wonder that Ebco has had so much success in this industry. As the aerospace industry is growing rapidly, Ebco will continue to supply the highest quality aerospace technology.


Marine & Offshore

With a global market becoming more prevalent, international trade is expected to double by 2025. This increase will spark a higher demand for robust marine and offshore equipment. Coastal cities will have to rely more than ever on the quality and durability of their marine and offshore equipment if they wish to compete and succeed in the global market. Ebco has a history in the marine industry and is perfectly suited for the task of supplying the most modern naval technology; utilizing CFD and FEA advanced simulation techniques. Contact us now to work alongside one of the most sought after manufacturers of marine equipment in Canada.



Hospitals & Medical Institutions

Canada has one of the best healthcare programs in the world, and Ebco is proud to be involved in the industry. Recently, Ebco has manufactured all sorts of equipment for the hospital and medical industry, including equipment varying from components for isotope production devices used for the detection of diseases, all the way to linen carts used for the exchange of hospital scrubs. Contact us today to find out more information.



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