Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

Ebco Industries provides precision sheet metal fabrication work for a wide variety of industries.

Our recently expanded sheet metal fabrication shop is now equipped with CNC punching and CNC press brake forming equipment capable of meeting tight tolerances. Add this to the fact that we can machine and weld almost anything, and Ebco has an advantage to produce a variety of sheet metal and machined components and assemblies that are either weldments or individual components to order.  We have succeed in creating a lean manufacturing cell that allows for automated procedures that not only speed up production runs, but keeps costs low for the customer.


Sheet Metal Shop Features

Some of the items we fabricate include: 

  • Precision components and enclosures for high tech companies including the electronics industry
  • Industrial equipment
  • Printers and communications equipment.
  • MIG and TIG welding processes in stainless steel, aluminum and all steel grades for assemblies and weldments
  • Production lines from raw materials, inspection testing to finishing and product assembly under one roof,  include street light brackets in 3 sizes
  • Ability to punch from 10 gauge to 16 gauge
  • Robotic Welder
Sheet Metal Punch trumpf

Made-to-Order Sheet Metal Design

Not only do we manufacture custom sheet metal components and assemblies to order, but from your existing design or with the help of Ebco’s team, we can meet your requirements using the latest 3D software to create and preview your ideas before we even touch any material! We do so using a 3D model or a screen shot with views, to suit your requirements.

All of our customers projects are stored digitally and Ebco takes pride in ensuring that years down the road, your products can be manufactured to the same requirements as they were the first time. So if all you have is a hand written sketch on a napkin, Ebco will take that idea and create supporting documents, such as drawings and models, assuring that you can count on us in the future to get your job done.

All of our laboratory and hospital equipment is built to order, so we are able to customize it, and add features, as required, to suit your needs.


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