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  • Cyclotron Components

    Cyclotron components

    Cyclotrons are particle accelerators, used to create isotopes used in the medical industry for disease imaging. Ebco is the main supplier of unique and specialty components for Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. (ACSI), a sister company that handles about half of all North American cyclotron sales. A large percentage of the parts that make up ACSI's cyclotron are uniquely created on our CNC machines in our Light Manufacturing and Fabrication shop. Visit them online at

  • Hydro Utility Lid


    Utilizing our Lean Manufacturing Cell with our state-of-the-art Robotic Welder, Ebco has streamlined it’s production, perfecting the design and structure of our vault lids. Our state-of-the-art robotic welder has allowed for precision welds that surpass those of a manual weld, and had earned us many compliments from our customers. These investments, alongside the practices of lean manufacturing, has gone to prove that Ebco can work with our customers to create a product of sustainability, strength and longevity, all the while guaranteeing cost saving benefits for our customers.

  • Aircraft Tooling

    Aircraft Tooling

    With the aerospace industry booming, Ebco has been busy supplying top quality custom tooling and other equipment to our many customers in the industry. Since the aerospace industry is so high tech, some of the most precise and top quality equipment in needed to compliment it.

  • Linen Carts

    Linen Carts

    Ebco is proud to manufacture customized carts that will be long lasting, durable, and low maintenance for our end users. With several different models to choose from as your base, as well as numerous options to match, customizable, quality carts are on your horizon. Take a look at the variants of our carts, and see how we can customize it to best suit your needs. Our engineers will be happy to work alongside your team to create a product that is perfectly suited to your company’s needs.

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