Heavy Machining Portfolio

  • Cone Crusher

    cone crusher

    Cone crushers are used to process rocks and other materials. They reduce the size of these materials and prepare them for the market. Cone crushers tend to be in constant usage during after such heavy usage, they require repair. Ebco specializes in cone crusher repair. Our shop is consistently refurbishing cone crushers, as we get the job done fast and effectively.

  • Shovel Bucket


    Here at Ebco we have proudly manufactured some of the largest and highest quality shovel buckets in the world. These buckets are used for digging and loading minerals and rocks during excavation and mining projects. Thanks to our large facility and expansive capabilities, we can manufacture any kind of shovel bucket that you need, to your unique specifications.

  • Knife Gate

    PG-Knife gate valve

    We have an extensive history of making knife gate valves to our customer’s satisfaction. Our large facility and customization abilities enable us to make a knife valve that will provide you with reliability and durability.

  • Tapered Penstock


    A tapered penstock causes changes in pressure to occur as water is moved along the pipe, ensuring that the water gets to where it needs to go, regardless of the physical obstacles in the way. We can construct a wide array of varieties of penstock to help you get your water where it needs to be.

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