Fabrication Capabilities

Ebco’s Heavy Fabrication division has a well earned reputation for its ability to produce large scale manufacturing services to primary and secondary industries.

We excel in meeting a wide variety of customer requirements when manufacturing custom and prototype equipment, as well as repairing and refurbishing existing equipment.

A typical cross-section of work in progress might include:

  • Crushing equipment
  • Mill shells
  • Pressure vessel
  • Heat exchangers
  • Hydroelectric turbines
  • Dragline Base
  • Revolving Frame for a Walking Dragline


Fabrication Capabilities:

  • Medium to extra heavy and large steel and alloy fabrication
  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic welding
  • High bays – 40’ under hook with 180 ton lift capacity
  • High Bay #1: 70′ wide X 400′ long
  • High Bay #2: 70′ wide X 200′ long
  • 21’H x 19’W x 50’L furnace for stress relieving of weldments
  • 1500 ton forming press
  • Tandem submerged arc welding including strip overlays in S/S and nickel chrome alloys
  • Plate cutting to 15” thick C.S.
  • Forming to 8” thick C.S.
  • Rolling to 3” thick C.S.
  • Shearing to 0.5” thick C.S
  • Large fabrications, ranging from 500lbs to (ASK DK)



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