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It was a balmy Saturday evening on October 22nd, and the pre-event buzz was being felt. The volunteers were excited, the rooms were prepared, and the guests were starting to pour in for Ebco’s 60th Anniversary celebrations! 5:30 PM hit and the floodgates were opened.

What started in a small reception room for some cocktails and appetizers, soon moved to the grand auditorium, where the dinner, speeches, and award ceremony took place. Hints of Ebco could be seen stretching from each corner of the room; the back wall housed Ebco’s prized trophies, which place value on three important things: Prosperity, the Person, and Perfection. Numerous magazines and articles that have featured Ebco and ACSI were lined up on the memorabilia tables. Curious employees, both young and old, came to flip leisurely and see where we have been and what we have accomplished. A mini cyclotron model was on display, showing the juxtaposition between some past projects and where we are as of present. It also showcased the wide breadth of work that Ebco can handle, whether it be a tunnel borer or a state-of-the-art cyclotron. A compilation of photos over the past 60 years was also on display—from some of Ebco’s first employees to shots of the Eppich Twins in front of monstrous turbines, to current employees trying their luck at paintball or go-karting.

The climax of the evening came about when employees were called to the stage to receive their service award pins. The ten years of service employees started the rounds, and the numbers were still strong even when reaching milestone years like forty years of service. Jovial faces lined the stage, and the preeminent finale of the retirees being given their service pin finally rounded off the award ceremony. The night closed with a boogie on the dance floor while nostalgic tête-à-têtes continued on.

Ebco’s 60th was a gathering of memories that have made Ebco great over these past sixty years. It was an episode of the wide array of projects that we have done in this time. But mostly, it was a celebration of appreciation. Without all the hard work of numerous employees, both past and present, retirees, and family & friends, the growth and prosperity of Ebco over these 60 years would not have been possible.

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Thank you to all who could join us, and we will see you at our 70th celebrations!


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