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Linen Carts and More – Durable, Aesthetic, Long Lasting

Ebco’s linen carts have the ability to meet all your special requirements and standards through our highly qualified staff, tight QA controls, and a team of engineers to work with you step by step until you are happy with your customized cart. Whether the application is for the healthcare, linen, storage, or utilities industries, our carts have you covered.

Ebco is proud to manufacture customized linen carts that will be long lasting, durable, and low maintenance for our end users. With several different models to choose from as your base, as well as numerous options to match, customizable, quality carts are on your horizon. Take a look at the variants of our carts, and see how we can customize it to best suit your needs. Our engineers will be happy to work alongside your team to create a product that is perfectly suited to your company’s needs. With happy customers coming from renowned health care authorities and linen specialists within Canada and the USA, we have the capabilities, experience, but mainly passion, to create your customized cart.

Convertible Linen Carts

Ebco’s heavy duty Convertible Linen Cart has been designed with durability and ease of use in mind. Our carts are corrosion resistant and long lasting, with carts sold in the last 20 years still being used with regularity to this day. This linen cart is best utilized for linen distribution and collection as the shelving is able to fold down and turn the cart into a bin.

Weight:  ~150lbs

Carrying Capacity: 500lbs +

Dimensions:  24” x 63” x 67.5” (other dimensions available)

Tub Carts

Ebco’s Tub Cart’s base is machined and welded assuring the carts durability and sturdiness.  The tub section is made out of hard plastic and available in a number of colours. The plastic tub is specially designed to be able to dispatch from its base for manual linen dumping and cleaning purposes. It’s available in a number of configurations that makes it more user-friendly, depending on it’s function.

Dimensions:  55.5″ x 30.5″ x 57.5″

Operating Side Table

We specialize in hospital equipment and our Operating Side Table is one of our best products. Ideal for dentists, surgeons, nurses and other professionals, our Operating Side Table keeps tools and materials close by wherever you may be working while maintaining cleanliness. This table is mobile and can be rolled around the room when the job requires it to and fixed in one spot when the wheel locks are turned on. It is designed to be the ideal professional side table while maintaining the long-lasting and sturdy reputation that Ebco Carts is known for.

Dimensions: 10”W x 10”L x 45”H

Weight: 25 lbs


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